[ltp] Re: Google Group

Phil Shotton linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 17 Jan 2013 18:35:49 +0000

and don't even mention top-posting ;-)

On 17/01/13 16:28, Sandro wrote:
> Okay, to everybody politely but backed by a secret stash of hate 
> shooting me down and recommending I move to a community more to my 
> liking because sharing an opinion that is not popular is somehow the 
> same as forcing you to agree with me, I am sorry. I did not know your 
> hatred for markup was so vivid.
> I respect your opinion and do not wish to force anything, I just want 
> to let you know that I pretty much disagree with every point you make. 
> In case you are truely interested in how I could come up with a crazy 
> idea like this, some pointers.
> First, quoting opinions from the '90s don't prove a point. If we stick 
> to what people think in the first place, we would still cure 
> infectious diseases by bloodletting in stead of antibiotics. If 
> inventions' intentions should remain sole, the rocket would be for 
> blowing stuff up, not flying robots to mars.
> Having (a specific subset of) markup features can make pieces of text 
> extremely more convenient to read. I migrated from Opera Notes to 
> Tomboy notes for that. Simple markup, lists, emphasis, it makes a huge 
> difference with plain text.
> I can make a bulleted lists of steps, emphasis the ones I talk about 
> later, mark them in later paragraphs and it becomes accessable to 
> speedreading. It's faster to read. It's more friendly. It's convenient 
> for people with trouble like sexdaily or dyslexia or whatever. I 
> copy-paste them in a mail and it's so easy. I don't have to do CAPS or 
> /slashes/ or _underscores_ or *stars*. What's the benefit of /that/? 
> Ain't nobody got time fo that.
> Github is so much better than bugzilla because you don't have to 
> *read* a single letter, you can just glance at the screen without 
> glasses and see what part is quote. Different shade. What part is 
> code. Different type-set. It's color-coded. And they didn't do that to 
> annoy the open source tech people. No, they all agree it's more 
> convenient.
> That said, ofcourse I am not assuming you're gonna do something on my 
> account. I didn't know you were using this method *voluntarily*. I 
> didn't know that any problems or valuable solutions are to remain 
> private because god forbid google would archive this communication or 
> outsiders could conveniently read back what was discussed.
> I just threw in an idea. No one agrees. It was a bad idea for this 
> community.
> But look at it this way, I have never seen so many replies in a single 
> digest. You became fanatic about what you believe in and it probably 
> made your heart beat a little faster.
> Haha!