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On 19/01/13 03:01 AM, Phil Shotton wrote:
> No, the only mailing lists they struggle with are the ones that insist =

> on bottom posting. Most mailing lists allow (and even encourage) top=20
> posting, as that way the reader can see the response immediately withou=
> scrolling down through the history.
> As more and more people use smartphones with limited screen real-estate=
> to read their mail, bottom-posting mailing lists will become ever less =

> relevant. I don't read ltp on my phone as it's simply too much of a=20
> pain. I respect the rights of some users of this list to remain in the =

> dark ages, it's their choice, but their audience is dwindling.
Are you kidding me? Smartphone culture is inherently a bad fit for the
goals of this list. This forum is for hobbyists who want at least one
machine that is not a prepackaged solution. Getting the most out of
running your favourite OS on your favourite machine naturally takes
time. If you read a "proper" post that contains debugging output, config
file snippets and a detailed description of a problem, you are going to
have to scroll whether it's a top post or bottom post.

Top posting is appropriate for a mundane conversation between two
people. This list contains long posts. It is possible to reply to one
part and not to another part. It is also possible for one person to
reply to an earlier post in a thread and not the most recent one. Most
of all, it is publicly archived for posterity so that readers years from
now who don't know the context can take advantage of any problems that
are solved on it.

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