[ltp] reinstalling windows after linux

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 27 Jun 2013 02:55:30 +0100

>       However, the windows recovery disks don't seem to offer me any
> option to choose which partition or even which disk to install on.  It
> looks like it'll just wipe the 500Gb drive.  Is there any way to get
> it to install windows on the SSD drive?

Rather frustratingly, windows "recovery disks" aren't the same as proper 
windows installation disks. They are designed to restore your machine to 
exactly how it left the factory - usually there's no flexibility to make 
any changes to drive partitioning.,

So, you probably have to first use the recovery media, then re-install 

However, if you can bear to pay Microsoft twice, you might find that a 
clean copy of XP (now cheap on eBay) inside a VM does a better job for 
you. Also, for some applications, Wine is now good enough.

If you want to do really clever things, it is possible (but complicated) 
to migrate an existing windows installation between disks, between 
partitions, or even into a VM.

Best wishes,