[ltp] save bluetooth state accross reboots?

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Wed, 06 Mar 2013 08:21:05 +0100

When I was still using Fedora I had to load the rfkill module using the
"master_switch_mode=0" parameter to restore settings (especially for
bluetooth) after boot on my X201 Tablet.


Am 05.03.2013 22:22, schrieb Paul Bolle:
> On Tue, 2013-03-05 at 21:31 +0100, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
>> on my T61, afair, when I shut bluetooth down using rfkill, the off state
>> if remembered across reboots. It does not happen on my x201s, where
>> bluetooth gets reenabled at each boot. Is there a way to make it keep
>> the state (on or off), other than storing a variable somewhere in the
>> filesystem?
> I looked into this (about a year ago). I seem to remember that this is
> caused by the interaction between the thinkpad_acpi and rfkill kernel
> modules.
> Ie, the thinkpad_acpi kernel module saves the bluetooth state (off) in
> (I think) NVRAM on shutdown. On boot it checks that state and leaves
> bluetooth off (or turns it off, I forgot). But after that the rfkill
> kernel module overrules the bluetooth state. That module checks the
> rfkill switch of your x201s and turns both bluetooth and wlan on (if
> that switch is in the "on" position). It doesn't know about the
> thinkpad_acpi stuff.
> I don't think there's a configuration possible that leaves bluetooth
> always off while leaving wlan always on. And it looked like rfkill would
> need some mayor changes to allow that behavior.
> Anyone with more luck in solving this issue?
> Paul Bolle