[ltp] Re: spotty wireless with t520 w/Intel wifi and xubuntu 13.04

Michael Livshin linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 26 Oct 2013 16:31:27 +0300

Richard Neill <rn214@richardneill.org> writes:

> On 26/10/13 06:06, Michael Livshin wrote:
>> According to my experience, it's NetworkManager.
> If you don't like network manager, it's possible to uninstall it
> entirely.

It may sound strange (perhaps not generally, but this list does give out
a certain tinker-happy vibe, so in the context), but at my somewhat
advanced age I find patching my work environment (while keeping it
conceptually intact) _vastly_ preferable to additional pointless system
administration.  It would be cool if the environment didn't need any
patching either, obviously, but I guess that's Linux for you.

I actually _like_ NetworkManager.  A lot.  It mostly Just Works, after
all.  It lets me connect to a new network in seconds, it automatically
finds known networks, it reacts the right way to plugging and unplugging
the ethernet cable, etc.  What's not to like, apart from the one recent
misfeature that, as it turns out, is relatively easy to get rid of?