[ltp] Re: T400 slow wifi connections

Paul Marwick linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 17 Sep 2013 21:33:21 +0100

Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> I get consistent 150 mb/s connections to the 5 GHz AP in the router, and
>> consistent 72.5 mb/s connections to the 2.4 GHz AP.
> [...]
>> Under Windows 7, I'm getting consistent 270 or 280 mb/s connections to the
>> same 5 GHz AP.
> IIUC these number reflect the "signal speed" used, rather than the
> transfer throughput, right?  What does the actual throughput look like
> in those various cases?

I've not got much of a basis for comparison in transfer speeds between 
Win and Linux. I'll have to set up some tests to see how much of a 
difference there is (if any...).

Overall transfer speeds are reasonable. For internet downloads, the best 
I've seen is around 6.5 MB/s, though more normally I'm seeing 4 - 5 
MB/s. For internal network transfers, I've seen peeks around 7 - 7.5, 
though I've not see up any real tests. For Linux I use NFS, while the 
few times I do have Win running, its connecting to a couple of Samba 
servers (one on an Icy Box NAS, the other a small Slackwae-based 
server). I guess I need to do a bit more testing.

| Stefan "who's never seen more than 5MB/s via wifi on his machines, and 
usually considers himself satisfied if it | gets to 1MB/s ;-)"

:) That sounds familiar. When I recently got an updated mifi device 
(hawei E586), it originally seemed to be locked at 1 mb/s connects. Did 
seem a bit laggy, but 3g connections are always a bit variable. Oddly, 
it now reports 72.5 mb/s connects.

Overall I'm not too unhappy with the performance - its certainly much 
better than I was getting with the Technicolor 582n router which the 
Asus replaced. I was just curious as to why Windows seems to be able to 
get so much faster a connect speed. Seems quite odd. With the T61 (my 
last laptop - you'd never guess that I like Thinkpads, would you...), 
Windows refused to see it as anything faster than a G (54.2 mb/s), while 
Linux happily ran it at 140 mb/s (talking to the Linksys router).

Cheers, Paul.