[ltp] Haswell thinkpads bios problem

Christoph Schmees linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 16 Feb 2014 18:32:08 +0100

Am 16.02.2014 12:21, schrieb Leon Weber:
> Hi,
> we=E2=80=99ve all heard about the BIOS problems with the recent Haswell=

> Thinkpads, and that Lenovo has promised a fix for that. My google magic=

> couldn=E2=80=99t find any more recent information beside this promise, =
so do we
> now anything new about that problem? Is there a fix yet? Is there some
> place where information is collected?
> I=E2=80=99ll hopefully receive my full HD X240 in one or two weeks. Did=
> have that problem with an X240 yet? According to my supplier, Lenovo ha=
> only started to produce the full HD version last week, so I wonder if i=
> might already be shipped with an updated BIOS (if the X240 was affected=

> in the first place).
> Is disabling UEFI still the only reliable workaround, or are there othe=
> options? Does anyone have experience whether Lenovo repairs bricked
> laptops under warranty, or will they ask me to pay for the repair?
> Mine (thankfully!) comes without an operating system, so it=E2=80=99ll =
be good
> to know if I can safely try to boot some Linux on it :-)

I bricked my X220. Dual boot W7 and Linux Mint. Linux put into
hibernation; on wake-up: brick. The device is under on-site
warranty still. A technician came and exchanged the MB; first I
did was BIOS setup and pin the boot mode to legacy (was
"automatic" by default). No problems since; keep fingers crossed.