[ltp] Haswell thinkpads bios problem

Peter Frühberger linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 18 Feb 2014 11:56:15 +0100


2014-02-17 15:43 GMT+01:00 Christoph Schmees <cjws@gmx.net>:
> Am 17.02.2014 14:26, schrieb Leon Weber:
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>> On 16.02.2014 18:32:08, Christoph Schmees wrote:
>>> Am 16.02.2014 12:21, schrieb Leon Weber:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> we've all heard about the BIOS problems with the recent Haswell
>>>> Thinkpads, and that Lenovo has promised a fix for that. My google magic
>>>> couldn't find any more recent information beside this promise, so do we
>>>> now anything new about that problem? Is there a fix yet? Is there some
>>>> place where information is collected?
>>> I bricked my X220. Dual boot W7 and Linux Mint. Linux put into
>>> hibernation; on wake-up: brick. The device is under on-site
>>> warranty still.
>> I didn't know the X220 series was affected, the problem reports I heard
>> all mention the recent Haswell generation. Is that a typo and you meant
>> to write X240? Or is the X220 affected by the same problem, or are there
>> seperate problems? All BIOS brick problems I could find seem to be
>> related to BIOS upgrades, although the symptoms you describe do sound
>> like the ones we heard from the Haswell generation laptops.
> no typo; it is a X220. And it had apparently exactly this problem.
> Christoph

I bricked my Samsung 840 Pro after just one Suspend to RAM. I had luck
and entering BIOS was still possible. I since then disabled the "Intel
Rapid Start Option" and I am in deed using UEFI only - with the legacy
option completely disabled on Ubuntu 13.10 with mainline kernel.

I am running that T440s since then without any issues. I believe the
"rapid start" option made the difference for me.

Now I am a bit confused, cause I should have bricked it by now at
least multiple times me UEFI running. I am using Kernel 3.13 and have
run the 3.13-rcs before.

Best regards

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