[ltp] W500 display dim

Christoph Schmees linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 14 Jul 2014 16:16:52 +0200

Am 13.07.2014 13:15, schrieb R=E1cz Mikl=F3s:
> I have a W500 TYPE 4061 - I bought it used but it is functioning well=20
> with an SSD and Peppermint5. My only problem is that its display is agi=
> - I think - and it is so dim that I can hardly use the laptop in open a=
> At least, I hope that the reason of this dimness is in fact the age of =

> the screen panel, but I do not know. Do you think that replacing displa=
> panel to a new one would reasonably improve brightness of the screen? D=
> anybody of you have experience with a new W500 on a sunny day in the=20
> garden? Does it worth replacing display panel on such an old (but still=
> for my expectations extremely good performing) piece of hardware? I=20
> appreciate any experienced opinion on that.

congrats for that fine machine!
Yes, your issue sounds like a problem of aging. Most probably the
culprit is the CCFL, second possibility the inverter. I doubt
that the panel itself becomes that weak. If you dare to follow
the Hardware Maintenance Manual and to work about one hour, just
replace the CCFL by a new one. When you are going to shoot the
new: Be careful to get the correct dimensions and connectors!
There are many different.