[ltp] Re: Hang on boot...

Florian Reitmeir linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 16 Jun 2014 08:55:45 +0200


David Love wrote:
> Connor Behan <connor.behan@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 09/06/14 03:01 AM, David Love wrote:
>>> Apart from the fact that I cannot boot from the battery, even though
>>> it is a new one, my Thinkpad T60 has given good service until
>>> recently.  Now, booting is very spasmodic.
>> New Thinkpad battery or BIOS battery? The latter might be the issue.
> Thinkpad.
> Read the manual - downloaded from the internet -  and have to give serious
> consideration whether accessing the BIOS battery is within my capabilities
> :-) By the way, the manual doesn't refer to the BIOS  battery but only to
> a Backup battery.  Is that the same thing?
>>> Sometimes it boots without a problem and other times it hangs on the
>>> initial distribution screen and refuses to complete boot.  And the gap
>>> is widening - more no boots than successful ones :-(
>>> Today, to check whether it could be a fault in the distribution, I
>>> downloaded  v2.0 of LinuxLite and then burnt it to a DVD.  I tried it
>>> in two desktops, and installed it on one, without any problems.
>>> However, when I try to boot from the DVD on the Thinkpad, it hangs on
>>> the initial LinuxLite screen.  I thought it might recover in time so
>>> left if for an hour but it didn't go any further.
>>> I have ensured that the boot order is DVDCDRom -> HDD.
>>> Is anyone on the list able to suggest any tests I can carry out to
>>> determine what could be wrong, please?
>>> David
>> The advice I heard most recently was running memtest and booting with
>> flags like noacpi and noapic.
> Have run Memtest and there were no errors reported.
> Not sure how to carry out your other suggestions. Any hints?
> Many thanks for your prompt response.

i had a similar problem with my old x60s, and it had nothing to do with
the battery.

did you test if the network or power supply connection makes an
difference in booting? on the 60'er series there had been an old bug for
the ethernet controller firmware, which when going to power-suspend it
would block the laptop.

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