[ltp] Re: Thinkpadd T430U

Stefan Monnier linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 16 Mar 2014 12:29:27 -0400

> Also, you won't find anything new with a 4:3 display.  Everything, TVs,
> computers and monitors are going wide screen.

Indeed, it's a major problem for laptops.

> Having used wide screen for a few years, I wouldn't want to go back.

For the 12" form factor, the 16/10 format actually works well, even
better than 4/3 (it lets you have a full-width keyboard).  But even the
standard wide-screens nowadays are 16/9 which even for 12" is a bad
idea: there's a lot of wasted space above/below the screen.

For 14" it's worse: the 4/3 aspect ratio was perfect since it led to
having a machine just wide enough for the keyboard.  But with 16/10 or
worse 16/9 you end up with either with a large machine and a lot of
wasted space around the keyboard, or with a lot of wasted space
above/below the screen.

For that reason, I'm using an X201s (16/10) and a 14" T61 (4/3) and
haven't seen anything better yet :-(