[ltp] date forgotten at boot despite fresh CR2032 battery

cr linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 11 May 2014 00:37:18 +1200

On Friday 09 May 2014 21:24:26 Robin Becker wrote:
> On 10/05/2014 07:28, cr wrote:
> > On Thursday 08 May 2014 18:43:21 Connor Behan wrote:
>  ........
> >> I'd be interested to hear if you fix this, because my brother's A22m
> >> behaves in the same way.
> > 
> > My R40 (which my wife uses for playing casino games on) does the same
> > thing - its date reverts to 1-1-80 and I have to change the date in the
> > BIOS before it will boot.   And it has a new CMOS battery, first thing I
> > replaced.
> is it possible some bios setting got reset when the battery initially
> failed?

Possibly, but I can't think of a BIOS setting that would apply.   I don't 
think there's one for 'lose clock setting on power off'.   I did think of boot 
sequence but resetting the clock wouldn't fix that.    

But I will have a play around the BIOS next time I start it up.

(Incidentally, the weird date on my posting has nothing to do with the R40's 
date problem, my email runs on a desktop box which seems to have trouble 
keeping track of the date too).