[ltp] X60s/X200s kernel 3.7.0 compiled no wifi. (Old 2.6.32, ubuntu wifi works)

Uwe Brauer linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 06 Nov 2014 11:56:26 +0100


Here is the short question:

Did anybody successfully compile a kernel >= 3.7, within Ubuntu and got
the wifi to work for the machines mentioned above??

Rationale and longer story.

I am running a X60 and an X200, both with Kubuntu 10.04 (I know it is
outdated but I have my reasons) and wifi works without any problems.

I replaced in both machines my HHD with a SSD and reinstalled Kubuntu
10.04 again, using the jfs file system. I am very pleased with the

However after the installation I found out that on the long time run I
should use trim, which was not supported for jfs in the 2.6.32-37
kernel. I could upgrade the kernel via the backport releases but these
backport releases did not include the kernel 3.7, which was the first
kernel to support TRIM for jfs. So I should reinstall Kubuntu using
either ext4 or xfs or compile  a new kernel.

So, I downloaded the 3.7.0 kernel on my X200 and run set of
commands which I have attached belows.

Now the relevant wifi intel driver 3945 for the X60s 
and the PRO/Wireless 5100 for the X200s seem to be compiled. 

However when I boot the new kernel and run the 
ifconfig command there is only the wired card detected but no
wlan0 or eth0 device is found. 

I am puzzled: if I boot the 2.6.32-37 kernel I have wifi support but not
with the 3.7 kernel. 

What should I do.

Any help is strongly appreciated 


Uwe Brauer 

I made lsmod on my X60 machine once with the new 3.7 kernel once with my
old 2.6.32 kernel. The difference is huge in my X60 machine 
one line is particular interesting, namely
iwlcore               106661  1 iwl3945

this line is missing for the lsmod for the 3.7.0 kernel indeed this
module does not exist. What do I miss.

I don't hope I have to recompile the kernel?
Can somebody help me how to get the module loaded


Uwe Brauer 

Commands used to compile the kernel:
sudo make menuconfig 

sudo make 
sudo make modules
sudo make modules_install

make INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 modules_install
sudo make install
sudo update-initramfs -u -k 3.7.0

cd /boot/grup 

sudo cp grub.cfg grub-org.cfg


grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg

sudo update-grub