[ltp] X1 firs/second generation, X230 or X240 new keyboard design

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 17 Sep 2014 23:41:49 +0100

> I am still stunned about the brain damaged new keyboard design as seen in
> the X1 first/second generation.[1]

In my experience, the keyboard design is actually not so bad. It's not 
ideal, but at least it's quite decently solid to type on. The keyboard 
layout re-mapping is tolerable, though I do hate the e-ink Function keys 
(they feel really sluggish to respond).

(The loss of SysRQ and PrtSc is not a big deal - they still exist as 
chorded combinations. There is a win, in the shape of the Ctrl-key being 
moved right to the bottom-left-corner, where Fn used to be, and at least 
PgDn and PgUp (merged with arrow keys) are less dangerous than the 
PgRight/PgLeft keys that they replace)

The think to absolutely hate is the ghastly buttonless clickpad. It's 
truly dreadful, and cannot be fixed in software (there is no way to have 
EmulateWheel). The clickpad is really hard to depress from the top edge; 
I'm almost reaching the point of hacking the guts of a USB mouse and 
some physical switches to replace it.