SV: Re: SV: Re: [ltp] X1 firs/second generation, X230 or X240 new keyboard design

Bjørn Mork
Sat, 20 Sep 2014 12:00:08 +0200

Birger <> writes:

> The del key has not been removed. It is located to the right of backspace=
. A logical placement, but takes some time getting used to.
> Home and End are located where caps lock used to be. Can you use them for=
 your key swapping?
> Why remove keys? To get valuable real estate freed up by eliminating
> keys almost noone uses.

The space is not used for anything *I* value.  It's abused by an
insanely large clickpad.

Why can't laptops focus on proper keyboards instead?  There is no lack
of touch based devices.  They are nice toys.  But to me, and all(?)
Thinkpad users I know, the primary reason to use a laptop instead of
some "pad" is the keyboard.  The secondary reason is the mouse buttons.
A laptop with neither is pretty pointless (pun intended).

Heck, you can even get a touch screen on modern laptops if you really
want the large touch area.  There is no reason to add a monster clickpad
as well. What you cannot get today is a proper keyboard. Or mouse
buttons. Why?

I know I don't understand marketing people.  I really don't.  They have
failed to create a new market for "pads", so then they change laptops to
be just as useless as any "pad"?  What's the point of that?

But instead of taking feedback from the market, design leading vendors
like Sony just give up making laptops...  Crazy. A good business laptop
does not need to be as cheap as a toy pad. But if you merge the products
into one, then of course you'll have problems making people pay the
business laptop price for the toy products.  What did you think?

No, I *really* do not understand marketing people. It's not just the
fact that they are insane.  It's the crowd insanity that strikes me as
strange. It's like watching lemmings in a "lemming year".  2014 was 
the year of the clickpad, after which the laptop vendor population
nearly vanished?

Bjørn (hoping that the - once extremely expensive - X301 won't die until
some laptop vendor wakes up and smells the fish)