[ltp] x250 experience

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Thu, 4 Jun 2015 20:45:07 -0400

On Thu, June 4, 2015 12:29 pm, Uwe Brauer wrote:
>>> "Vivek" == Vivek Dasmohapatra <vivek@etla.org> writes:
>    > So we've landed a couple of x250 thinkpads + docking stations at
> work, now
>    > that the x240 trackpad fiasco has been consigned (we hope) to the
> dustbin
>    > of history, and here are my thoughts on them, having had to support
> users
>    > on them for a month or so:
>    >  - mouse: An improvement from the low-point of the x240, but you need
>    >    either some magic kernel module and mouse config to make the mouse
>    >    buttons work (which means you can't disable the trackpad) or
> kernel 4.0
>    >    or later
>    >  - keyboard: The descent more or less continues - keys still feel
>    >    a bit mushy compared to my trusty x220 and x201 (hell, even my
>    >    on-its-last-legs t43p compares well) and the layout is slightly
>    >    worse than before (@ and # are on extra small keys for no reason,
>    >    the crazy pgup/pgdn layout madness continues)
>    >    The non-key function key row is at least gone, which I guess we
>    >    should be grateful for.
> What do you mean, the keys named f1 to f12 are *also* gone?
> I was going to by a X1 some time ago, till I figured out they have
> removed the key row containing print break etc which I use in my emacs
> keybinding widely. Now the f1-f12 is also gone. That mean I definitely
> have to stick with 2nd hand X till model X210 I think. ..

Also got an X250 when my X61 died (actually, the battery died, and Lenovo
no longer sells replacements, and the aftermarkets el cheapos last maybe
10 cycles before dieing).

I like the conveniece of the touchpad, but ended up disabling it because I
kept getting false triggers from letting my palms rest on the palm rest.
Key to getting the trackpoint mouse buttons to work is to configure for a
ps2 mouse rather than defaulting to the fancy imsa mouse (or whatever its
called, google it),

Similarly, the function keys default to volume up/down and the like,
requiring holding down the "Function" key to get F1 to F12. However, there
is a magic key combination (doesn't anyone read the docs anymore?) to lock
the Function key function so default is F1 - F12 and you need to hold down
the function key to get mute, volume, etc., just the way it used to be.

My biggest gripe is the lack of indicator lights for key statuses such as
caps lock, AC, and low battery.