[ltp] X61 batteries (was: x250 experience)

Martin N linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 09 Jun 2015 20:04:46 +0100


At 15:35 08/06/2015, you wrote:
> > Also got an X250 when my X61 died (actually, the battery died, and=
> > no longer sells replacements,
>Really?  I just got a new battery for my T61 and didn't realize that
>they were already discontinuing support for those things.  This sucks.
> > and the aftermarkets el cheapos last maybe 10 cycles before dieing).
>Actually, my experience with third-party batteries for the X30 and the
>MSI Wind is pretty good.  The main problem I've had (which does not
>affect the X30 since at that time 2200mAh was apparently the best you
>could have) is that third-party batteries invariably use the cheap
>2200mAh cells rather than the higher capacity (e.g. 2800mAh) ones.
>Another option might be to refill your battery.  I've done that once for
>the X30 battery and it worked well.  Also, the guy who did that also
>could use higher capacity cells (at extra cost, obviously).

I have been running my x61 only off third party batterys.
I got it second hand off ebay and the lenovo one last 20 odd minutes.

The 3rd party last hour to 1 and a half and i have cycled them tens of=


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