[ltp] X60s/200s with SSD, encrypted disk

Joerg Bruehe linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 19 Jun 2015 18:27:01 +0200

Hi Uwe, all!

On 19.06.2015 17:22, Uwe Brauer wrote:
> Hello
> I have to upgrade my Kubuntu 10.04 to at least 14.04.
> I have alreay upgraded the hard disk of both laptops to a SSD which was=

> the most notable performance boost I experienced so far.
> I would like to consider a 14.04 installation with an entirely encrypte=
> disk. However I fear performance problems and would welcome any comment=
> on that subject.

Last September, I got me a T 530, still using a rotating disk.
(It has a dual-core Intel with hyperthreading and 8 GB RAM. Mail me if=20
you want to see more detailed specifications.)

I shrunk the pre-installed Windows 7 as much as possible and dedicated=20
the remaining space to Kubuntu 14.04, using full encryption (LUKS) for=20
the LVM partition that holds everything except /boot.
AFAIR, I followed the instructions published on "ubuntuusers.de".

I have not run any benchmarks, but for my use the system is perfectly=20
ok, speedy enough, so I don't regret having chosen this setup.

Later, I had to replace the disk in my desktop PC (6-core AMD, 16 GB=20
RAM) by a larger one (rotating, no SSD), and I used this opportunity to=20
also apply LUKS to the whole installation (except for /boot). I did not=20
notice a performance degradation.

While I am aware that encryption does increase the CPU usage on IO, I=20
cannot claim to notice it on my machines. It will be interesting to read =

from those who use a SSD.


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