[ltp] Re: Best replacement for X61s

Stefan Monnier linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 27 Jul 2016 21:36:33 -0400

> So I'm looking for a new machine. Unfortunately, all new thinkpads have this
> annoying macbook-style keyboards instead of the nice old ones with the
> cone-shaped keys. This is one of the reasons I'm asking here for some
> advice:

AFAIK the new keyboards are actually good in terms of mechanical quality
and feeling (this is based on opinion of several friends who really
liked they old Thinkpads).  The only problem with the new keyboards is
the new layout (which you may or may not like, but is mostly a question
of habit).

> What do you think would be the best replacement? Most important points for
> me are the compactness (~12"), robustness and, if somehow possible, the same
> keyboard style.

I have an X201s and am sticking to it because it's AFAIK the last
compact (12") Thinkpad with a tall-enough screen.  All the newer ones
have the braindead 16/9 aspect ratio, as if watching movies was the main
use of those machines.

I find it is actually better than my previous X30 because the 16/10
aspect ratio makes it wide enough to hold a full-size keyboard (i.e. the
same keyboard as in the T60/T61).

It was available with reasonably beefy processors, so I find it is still
perfectly usable and hope to keep using it for another 5 years or so.