[ltp] Seeking old T61 or T61p SXGA+ used or parts

Paul Seelig linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 18 Mar 2016 19:23:59 +0100

Hi James,

it would be helpful to know where roughly are geographically located.

For example, i am located in Spain, so if you were located in Singapore
i wouldn't even bother offering you any of my advanced Frankenpads.

You might be more lucky with a WTB in the http://forum.thinkpads.com
marketplace area, BTW. Check out trusted forum members TuuS and
RealBlackStuff, if you are located in the US.


On 03/18/2016 03:09 PM, James McCoy wrote:
> I am wanting to upgrade from my T43 but love my 1400 x 1050 screen too
> much to downgrade. If I cannot find a working usedor refurb T61 with...
> am seeking parts.
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> nothing.”
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> James