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Mon, 6 Feb 2017 07:37:12 +0100

Hi all,

just to let you know: In the end it turned out to be very simple. My 
problem in the beginning was the large amount of possible versions to 
use the EFI. For my basic setup (just one OS, no win, no encryption 
etc.) I just needed to create the EFI partition with the correct type 
EF00, format as FAT32, then used the efibootmgr package of Arch and 
everything went smoothly.

Thanks four your recommendations anyways, they encouraged me to not give 
up ;)


On 02/04/2017 12:12 PM, John Page wrote:
> I installed an SSD in my X220 in addition to the existing HD. I have no
> problems whatsoever. The SSD is listed as /dev/sdb and the HD as /dev/sda.
> I can't remember which the bootloader is installed on. I boot using BIOS
> because I couldn't be bothered to try EFI. If I ever get around to doing a
> clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 I might try EFI.
> I run Ubuntu 14.04 and there are no gotchas. Everything works fine.
> The SSD is most probably an mSATA SSD installed in the 3G card's place a
> couple of millimeters under the fingerprint scanner.
> A few questions that might help orient your research...
>    - The system sees two HDs, does the BIOS/EFI know which one to boot from?
>    - Are you keeping the existing Windows installation or are you replacing
>    it?
>    - Could there be a stub of the old bootloader still in place on the
>    other drive? That would make it try to boot the old system, which might be
>    a problem.
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>> To: linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
>> From: Arno Trautmann <Arno.Trautmann@gmx.de>
>> Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2017 21:03:39 +0100
>> Subject: [ltp] Installing Arch on a X220
>> Reply-To: linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trying to install an Arch Linux on my "new" X220. So far I did not
>> succeed, getting stuck after the reboot since the boot loader do not
>> work. My first try was an EFI, the second I tried to get grub running,
>> but both did not work. Now, before I try again to provide thorough error
>> messages so that someone could help me, some general questions:
>> • Does anybody have managed to install Arch on the X220 and are there
>> some special things to consider?
>> • Should I try to get EFI running or is BIOS fine/better?
>> • For both cases: Does an SSD cause troubles? The machine has separate
>> HDD and SSD, so far I only tried the SSD.
>> • Regarding the latter one: I'm just curious, where the SSD is, but did
>> not find it upon a (not too far-going) disassembly. It's not a hybrid
>> drive, since I took out the HDD and it still booted (when windows was
>> still on it).
>> Really appreciate any hints here,
>> best
>> Arno
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