[ltp] T480s with Debian, and keyboard and star function keys

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Apr 17 02:28:22 CEST 2018

Hi there.

First off the T480s is a fantastic machine and I'm glad I upgraded from the
X1 Carbon. It's got the same footprint as the X1, looks approximately the
same (my coworkers couldn't even tell I got a new machine), is a tiny bit
heavier. On the plus side it can (currently) get maxed out to 24GB of RAM,
and offers a full size ethernet port that folds (I remember some old Sony
laptops having this feature). Anyhow it's physically and under the hood it
turned out to be a better buy than the X1 6th gen.

I was able to pull out my old SSD from the X1 and stuff it into the T480s.
Debian Sid booted up normally and pretty much everything worked. The only
quirks I hit were...

- Things that use a webcam seem to default to the IR camera that came with
this machine first, and need to be told otherwise.
- When I upgraded drives to something newer/faster, I had no idea
linux/Debian would toss it into /dev/nvme0n1 instead of /dev/sda, which
confused me for part of a day.

The last issue I'm dealing with is I've classically assigned whatever
special function keys are alternates to F10 - F12 for media previous track,
pause/play, next track, however xev (and everything else that I've tried)
doesn't read anything when I press the keyboard function key (alternate to
F11), or start (alternate to F12). The Bluetooth function key (alternate to
F10) does register and with KDE I can assign it to things.

I'm wondering if anyone else with current gen ThinkPads with this keyboard
configuration have also hit this issue and have a solution.


rubin at starset.net
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