[ltp] Intel UHD Graphics 620 vs Nvidia MX150?

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu Mar 8 19:56:11 CET 2018

I'm thinking of buying a T480s, and am wondering if anyone here has
thoughts on running either the Intel UHD Graphics 620 or Nvidia MX150?

I run Debian Sid. I haven't really had much of a desire to do any sort of
heavy gaming on my laptop, but have started playing more with WebGL stuff
(particularly Fusion 360 in the browser). I often need to start up a
Windows VM to verify some cross browser things for work.

Anyhow, I guess my questions are, is one GPU more of a pain under linux
than the other, and is the performance gain from the MX150 noticeable

And yes I understand I'll need to play with non-free packages, and am ok
with that.


rubin at starset.net
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