[ltp] Thinkpad T440s M2 SSD question

Carles Pina i Estany carles at pina.cat
Mon May 28 12:27:23 CEST 2018


On May/28/2018, Édouard Debry wrote:

> I did that on my T440s. I remember having searched on internet with
> keywords like t440s + m2 ssd, for there was a tutorial on how to do it.

Yes, I've seen a few tutorials and seems easy.

> As far as I remember it is not complicated, first check that your
> laptop has indeed a free m2 ssd slot, one should be occupied with the
> wifi card, as for the other it depends on which options you chose when
> buying.

Migh I ask, which model did you buy? Probably you can see it with "lshw"
as root... (to check physical size, etc.).

I've read about "single sided M2" and "double sided M2", do you know if
the "double sided" fit there, or single sided?

> The only tricky part is do not forget, do not forget, to disable the
> internal battery (the one you cannot remove) before opening the hood.
> You can do that in the bios, then shutdown your laptop and your internal
> battery is disabled, it will be automatically enabled on next reboot.

thanks for all the information! (yes, one of the guides mentioned that
but actually I bought it without the internal battery!)

> Edouard
> On dim., mai 27 2018, Carles Pina i. Estany wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > My Lenovo T440s currently has one 500 GB SSD and I'm thinking of
> > replacing this one with a 1 TB SSD. I'm thinking of going for a Samsung
> > which is what I've had for a few years without any problem... links or
> > suggestions for models are welcomed.
> > 
> > But I've seen that I might be able to add a M2 SSD (if the form is 2240)
> > of maybe 500 GB (or 250 GB) and then one hard disk of 2 TB which would
> > be handy for me. Has anyone here done the following: install an M2 SSD
> > in a T440s of 256 GB or 512 GB and a hard disk? Which model? Anything
> > else that I should know? All good on Linux?
> > 
> > Thank you very much!
> > 
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