[ltp] Spam (was: Linux-Thinkpad Digest, Vol 35, Issue 2)

Sam Kuper sampablokuper at posteo.net
Sat Aug 8 13:32:08 CEST 2020

On Wed, Aug 05, 2020 at 12:02:05AM +0200, tomtom at tutanota.com wrote:
> Well, obviously not everyone's spam filter filters these messages, and
> especially if one get's the list as a digest, marking the whole digest
> as spam is not really a solution.
> The thing is, I'm not sure this actually is spam in the original
> sense, it seems more like it's a mail address that's subscribed to the
> digest and isn't really taken care of. In the first sentence, it
> always says "This is an automated response. " And the subject of these
> messages is always something like "Re: [ltp] [External]Linux-Thinkpad
> Digest, Vol xx"
> Anyway, as the sender address seems to send out only automated
> responses, it probably wouldn't help to contact them directly and
> taking them off the list seems to be the only option.

I was recently on the verge of writing essentially the same thing, but
you beat me to it.  Thank you :)  You hit the nail on the head.



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