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Bret Waldow bcw1000 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 03:10:55 CEST 2020

 Hi Zed,
>From what you write, it seems you have Linux installed now by a different approach.  If you're happy there's no need to go further.
If you're still curious, I'd try booting another machine with the 'Gecko' drive, and try another known good USB drive on the Thinkpad.

    On Wednesday, 26 August 2020, 9:01:17 am AWST, Zed <zed at zed.net.nz> wrote:  
 Zed <zed at zed.net.nz> wrote:

An amendment to my reply to you. My eyest must have been deceiving me :-)
> USB-HDD which is an external USB-HDD formatted as a Data drive.  However,
> this is highlighted and boots my normal LinuxMint system.  No! I do not
> know why this happens because that drive is NOT bootable :-)

Please ignore the above.  In reality the Windows Boot Manager is the
highlighted oprion and the machine boots from it.

My apologies for the misinformation.

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