[ltp] X1 (4th gen) does not boot anymore from USB, can't upgrade

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Mon Aug 31 15:12:04 CEST 2020

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| It did not work, he just passed directly to the already installed 16.04.
| So I tried the old USB with 16.04 and it did not work out neither.

Did you update the firmware ("BIOS" is a misnomer) since you installed
16.04?  That can change settings.

(I like to update firmware whenever the manufacturer releases new 
firmware.  Others prefer to update only when it solves a problem that that 
they have observed.  Lenovo is very good about issuing new firmware even 
for old ThinkPads.)

>From the screen image, it looks as if "ATA HDD0" (your SSD) has boot
priority over USB HDD (your USB sticks, I think).  That probably
explains what you are observing.

(How do you get into the firmware setup screen?)

You could change the boot order.  That would solve your problem.

But: it's a little unsafe to have such a boot order as a long-term
setting.  At some future date, your system might accidentally boot
from an external device.

Best practice:

- put HDD first in the boot order

- whenever you wish to boot from something else, hit F12 a bunch of times 
  at boot time until you get prompted (by the firmware) to select the boot 

On another topic:

I think that the UEFI boot regime is better than the "Legacy" (Master Boot 
Sector) regime.  If you are not going to save anything currently on your 
hard drive, consider switching to UEFI.

If you are preserving things on the hard drive, switching is likely more 
effort than it is worth.

The switch does involve a certain amount of "learning" (a euphemism for 
pain), so you may wish to stay with Legacy.

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