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John Jason Jordan johnxj at gmx.com
Sat Feb 29 22:54:10 CET 2020

On Sat, 29 Feb 2020 16:54:27 +0100
Axel Braun <axel.braun at gmx.de> dijo:

>Am Freitag, 28. Februar 2020, 12:00:02 CET schrieben Sie:
>> I have no experience with the X1 Extreme, but a couple months ago I
>> did buy a Thinkpad P73 with Nvidia graphics. After installing
>> Xubuntu on it I found that it was using just the Intel graphics on
>> the motherboard, but after installing the Nvidia driver from the
>> repositories and rebooting it started using both, with optimus. The
>> Intel graphic chip is easier on the battery, and optimus allows it
>> to use the Intel graphics unless it needs the additional speed and
>> features of the Nvidia chip. Optimus is completely seamless - I
>> never know which chip the computer is using.
>Yes, I heard about that - does it work with sleep mode (S2RAM
>formerly) and hibernation?

I don't know; I never put the laptop into sleep or hibernation, except
I have closed the lid, and I think it went into sleep, because when I
opened the lid again the screen was black for 100ms or so while the
display came back up.

Frankly, I think I rarely use the Nvidia chip. Occasionally I do some
video editing, and then watch the results, so then it might shift iunto
the Nvidia graphics, but 99% of the time I am writing or surfing the
web, and don't think it needs Nvidia for that.

I should have mentioned that I had the choice of three different Nvidia
chips, and the T2000, was in the middle.

>> Before installing the Nvidia driver I had to go to nvidia.com to find
>> out which driver I needed for the Quadro T2000 in the computer. I
>> could have downloaded their proprietary driver, either stable or
>> bleeding edge, but I decided to just use the one from the
>> repositories. The drivers in the repositories don't usually list
>> which cards they work with, so I had to guess based on the number
>> that Nvidia gave to their Linux driver for the T2000. Fortunately, I
>> guessed right the first time. You can actually install more than one
>> driver, but it will significantly slow down boot time while waiting
>> for Linux to figure out which one it needs. Assuming that the X1 has
>> an Intel CPU I'm guessing that you could probably install OpenSUSE
>> on the computer without dealing with the Nvidia driver, and it will
>> just use the Intel graphics until you get around to installing the
>> Nvidia driver.
>That may be an option, yes. As I'm not a gamer I hardly need heavy
>graphic power.
>Nvidias proprietary driver tend to be a bit slow when new kernels come
>up - on the factory mailing we see regulary issues with new kernels
>and Nvidia not building against these kernels. It usually needs some
>time (days? I did not follow these discussions...) until they have
>fixed their API. With Intel graphics one is usually on the safe side.
>> In my experience Intel, AMD and Nvidia have always supported Linux,
>> even with their latest chips. And as long as the computer has an
>> Intel CPU it probably has Intel graphics as well.
>Yes, as said, Intel graphics usually works fine. Probably the Linux
>drivers for Nividia (nouveau?) will do the job in most cases

I have attached a file with some information about what I have
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