[ltp] T530 Battery Clicking

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Sun Jul 19 18:29:41 CEST 2020

> On 19. Jul 2020, at 17.11, Tim Evans <tkevans at tkevans.com> wrote:
> On 7/12/20 12:32 PM, Tim Evans wrote:
>> Not specifically Linux...
>> My T530 is doing a lot of clicking as I hold it here in my lap.  I believe this sound is from whatever senses removal/replacement of the power cord (and therefore switches the laptop from wallplug to battery power--or back).  This distintive double-click sound, in fact, has occured five or six times during the typing of this message.
>> As this clicking occurs, I can see the battery charge indicator on my Fedora Gnome desktop go from "charge" to "running on battery" and back. Screen also flashes.
>> I had a similar issue long ago with a T61 and finally narrowed it down to the original Lenovo power supply cable not being right-sized for an after-market 9-cell battery.
>> In the current situation, however, the power supply and battery are all the true Lenovo originals that came with the system.
>> So, am I looking at a failing battery?  Bad power supply/cord? Something else?
>> Thanks for help.
> Following up on this, as I've had no replies.
> I replaced the factory-installed battery with a new, Lenovo-branded one.  Nothing's changed.  When running Fedora 32, I still hear the click-CLICK and CLICK-click when power switches from wallplug to battery and back again as the laptop moves around a bit in my lap.
> Booted in Windows 10, I see the on-off pattern with the on-screen battery icon, but don't hear the clicks.

This sound like a contact or power delivery problem to me.
I’ve seen this mostly when the short part of the power supply cable between ferrite core and plug was breaking up. Most of the time the shield mesh breaks apart. Unless you are really handy with a soldering iron, then a new power supply is the easiest way forward.

I’d test it first with a second power supply, because indeed it could also be on the ThinkPad side. E.g. a worn out receptacle.
In the latter case testing if it happens when docked would be a good idea.



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