[ltp] Help needed with choosing the right ThinkPad

Axel Braun axel.braun at gmx.de
Wed Jul 29 14:15:24 CEST 2020

Am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2020, 12:00:03 CEST schrieb linux-thinkpad-
request at linux-thinkpad.org:

> In terms of budget, I found the two discussed models at around the same
> price, with the T450s a bit cheaper but with only 8 GB of RAM (with 4
> soldered to the board). As it seems, upgrading it to 12 GB would be rather
> easy and cheap, but upgrading to 20 GB is rather expensive, as 16 GB sodimm
> ddr3 is rather rare and the prices high. Or does anyone know a good source
> for it?
> 12 GB would probably be totally enough most of the time, but I'd prefer to
> have the option to have more.

I would not stretch the RAM too much. I recently replaced my 8 year old T520
(8GB, 1TB SSD) with a X1Extreme Gen2 (16GB, 1TB Nvram), both running
I mostly do office and packaging work (local compilations before checking in
to OBS) , with 1 or 2 VM for testing. Even on the T520 is mostly some RAM left
in boring state. On the X1E I did not use swap space so far

More of a problem are the proprietary nvidia drivers, as they do not handle
suspend very well. If you switch them off and use only Intel, you are fine.
Otherwise you may end wth a black screen after resume and need to kill the X-
The SD card pcsc stack is as well not suspend-proof (fortunately I dont need
it often)


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