[ltp] Patched x240 BIOS, Technoethical Wifi and blocked Trackpad

S├ębastien Lerique sl at eauchat.org
Fri Oct 16 00:42:51 CEST 2020

Dear list,

First of all a great many thanks for thinkwiki.org, it has been of 
much support during many hours of missed sleep lately :-)

I have an x240 for which I want to get wifi working with 
linux-libre, so I'm changing the wifi card.

I bought a Technoethical N300DB 
<https://ryf.fsf.org/products/TET-N300DB>, which is an miniPCIe 
card, and a miniPCIe -> m2 adapter 
<https://www.aliexpress.com/i/33052961767.html>. I successfully 
patched my bios by using a raspberry pi and following the 
instructions at <https://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Custom_BIOS>, 
which links to 
<http://paranoid.anal-slavery.com/biosmods/xx40.html> for x240. 
(Successfully, at least in the sense that without the new wifi 
card everything works.)

Now when I plug in the Technoethical Wifi card (with its miniPCIe 
-> m2 adapter), I have a curious problem: wifi works (mostly, I 
have a NetworkManager problem but that seems unrelated to my main 
question: I can see wifi networks but not yet connect to them), 
but my trackpad and trackpoint don't work any more (they normally 
do). If I power off, unplug the wifi card, and boot again, the 
trackpad and trackpoint work.

It doesn't seem to be electromagnetic interference, as unplugging 
the antennas doesn't change anything. I also previously changed 
the x240 clickpad with a normal x250 trackpad, but that also 
doesn't seem to have any role here as /both trackpad and 
trackpoint/ are not working. So I'm wondering, could this have 
something to do with the BIOS? I couldn't find any hints after 
searching online for quite some time. If you have any tips as to 
how I could troubleshoot this, it would be much appreciated!

Best wishes and happy hacking,

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