Paul Scesniak linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 16:16:43 -0500

Hello Robert M.,

Here's my take on the PC card issue.  Buy the IBM International PC card
with GSM V.90.  You buy it as an X 2 I think.  Then you download free
firmware from the IBM site to flash the card to V.90. That's what I have
and what I've done.  The card rocks.  It was great in the states.  It
runs even faster and smoother here in Germany.  I downloaded the entire
StarOffice suite a day and a half ago in just a little over three hours
using an analog phone line with the card.

The card comes with good IBM fax software -- better than specialized
third-party fax software that sells on the market for a hundred dollars
(that part needs a Windows OS, maybe you'll have one for such
utilities). You can upgrade the card to work with a mobile phone and use
an ISDN line (those are third-party cost-incurring upgrades).

But as far as speed goes, I'm happy with the card the way it is, at
least for the time being.   Finally, you get better support from IBM the
more IBM gear, hardware and software that shows up on their monitors
when you call in for service.  I  certainly don't think they plan at
that way, it's just human nature.  Believe me, this makes a difference.
I think it  has in my case.

I also have had the card running  with RedHat Linux 5.2 .

And no, I'm not an IBM employee!

Paul Scesniak