R. Kelley Cook linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 14:53:49 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 03 Jun 1999 16:16:43 -0500, Paul Scesniak wrote:

>Here's my take on the PC card issue.  Buy the IBM International PC card
>with GSM V.90.  You buy it as an X 2 I think.  Then you download free
>firmware from the IBM site to flash the card to V.90. That's what I have
>and what I've done.  The card rocks.  It was great in the states.  It
>runs even faster and smoother here in Germany.  I downloaded the entire
>StarOffice suite a day and a half ago in just a little over three hours
>using an analog phone line with the card.

3Com makes the IBM modem cards :)

 -- Kelley Cook