second hard disk trouble

Mark Kennedy
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 08:56:26 -0400

PM prints the name that it wants you to type just above the 
text entry field.  i know because i just killed my three old
swap partitions and merged them into one large one.  PM is still
a pain, though, since they've hard-coded the old 128K swap 
partition size limit into their dialogs.  empirically,
you can tell PM to create an ext2 partition and 'mkswap'
'swapon', and the kernel seem to ignore this info
(not even a warning).


Paul Phillips wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Dan Christopherson wrote:
> > IIRC, you can tell linux fdisk what geometry to use. It's been quite a
> > while since I needed to do this, but I believe it's on the 'advanced'
> > menu. I believe I found the info that led to this in a 'Large Disk'
> > howto or mini-howto.
> Yes.  This is how I originally made linux see 14 GB instead of 8 GB
> on my 770Z.
> On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Rob Mayoff wrote:
> > | are you saying you ran partition magic v4.X against a 14G drive, and
> > | it saw the entire drive?
> >
> > that's what I'm saying
> This too I confirm.  I spent several hours tonight jockeying things
> around with partition magic so I could make a crypto filesystem.  Some
> partition magic attributes are heavily braindead -- I couldn't delete
> my linux swap partition because it wanted me to enter the drive label
> "to confirm", but it had no label, and none of the dozen things I tried
> matched whatever it was looking for.  So I booted back into linux, killed
> it with fdisk, and came back to win98 to finish the job.
> I had to do that part because I already had four primary partitions, and
> there's no way to get from there to logical partitions without removing
> one of the primaries... but the good news is, now I have an encrypted
> filesystem mounted on /crypt, and the pilots of black helicopters are
> sitting at home cursing my success.
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