Full Screen display in character mode.

Bruce Cowan linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 14:46:25 -0700

In NT4 run the ThinkPad Configuration app, select Display icon, then
select Advanced... button, and there in that dialog you will find an
item called "Screen expansion." Interestingly, however, on my machine
it is set to disable, but when I boot Linux I get a full screen text
mode display! I have 770X, 1280x1024 LCD.


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This is an interesting discussion . . . my 770X has always sported the
'crappy-small-center-of-the-screen' look in text mode . . . I haven't been
able to figure out yet how to use full-screen mode outside of X.

> Under Win95 there's a setting for the display/
> advanced options for something like "screen expansion."
> I use this so games in lower resolutions fill the
> screen.  Perhaps linux has inherited this somehow
> through the BIOS.

I can't find any option like this in NT4. I don't now if there is anything
that can be changed manually in the BIOS config or not.


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From: Dick Schroeder <dick@addpower.com>
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Subject: Full Screen display in character mode.

>I am new to this list, but I perused the archives and although there is
>plenty of information
>on getting the full screen to work under X-windows, I can' seem to find
>anything about
>how to configure full screen for character based (terminfo driven) display.
>I have a 770Z - 14.1" unit.
>Can anyone help me?
>Richard Schroeder