Need feed back please.

Bruce Cowan
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:28:23 -0700

Downloaded your XServer, but haven't used it because a) the XServer
which came with Mandrake 6.0 accepts option "accel" and works fine,
and main reason b) when I try to "power on" VMWare I get an oops
which I haven't had time to try to chase and VMWare isn't helping.
So, I'm reduced to running NT most of the time (I do have to work,
unfortunately and there just isn't enough compatibility between the
apps on Linux and the NT-centric environment I live in) on the
stinkpad since this is my only computer with enough power to run NT


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From: Bill Mair []
Sent: Tuesday, 29 June 1999 5:46
Subject: Need feed back please.

More than 70 people have now downloaded the updated
XServer (with TTF & DGA).

Did it workout alright ? Comments ? Problems ?

Ive also managed to get my Epson GT5500 scanner working
with my Adaptec SlimSCSI card. Might just put a piccy of me
on the page now....

Ive revamped the pages, and will try and add more
information from the discussions here as time progresses.

Does anyone have tips / tricks that they would like to share with me
so that I can put them on the site ?