[ltp] PCMCIA on TP 390

Gerrit Lahrmann linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 21:21:10 +0100

Vincenzo Antonuccio wrote:

> Are out there people who are SUCCESSFULLY using a
> PCMCIA modem/fax PCMCIA card on their Thinkpad 390?
> If yes, could they please send me a very short mail specifying:
> a) infos about the card (manufacturer, model, etc.);
> b) the Linux kernel version or the distribution;
> c) the version of the PCMCIA package they are using;
> d) any other useful comment
> I promise I will collect all the infos and post on the list, if
> someboddy is interested. I need to replace my card (a US Robotics
> V34) which is not working (I am using RH 5.2), and I
> DESPERATELY need some input from some kind person....

You can find some information at http://www.bm-soft.com/~bm/tp_pcmcia.html

There is a list of pcmcia-cards which have been tested against Linux on a


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