[ltp]redhat 6.1 install prob on TP760XD

Bill Mair linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:31:01 +0100

Bob Dietric wrote:

> > Docked , undocked or both ?
> Docked.  I don't have a Linux config yet for the undocked
> configuration.

Yeah, I forgot about the JAZ problem.

> I have a fat32 partition, 2GB for Windows 95,a fat partition, 270MB,
> for data,
> a boot manager partition of 4MB, and the Linux / partition of 600MB.
> Thus I've used all my primary partitions on the hard drive.  I want to
> use boot manager because I need to swap out Linux for OS2 on ocasion.
> I once tried this with RH6.0 and nothing would boot when I replaced
> the linux partition with an OS2 partition.

hda1 (0b/0c) C:Win95 (2G)
hda2 (0b/0c) D:Data (270M)
hda3 (0a) Boot Manager (4M)
hda4 (83) Linux (600M)

Right ? Hmmm....

All but hda1 (DOS,Win95/98) can be in an exended partition(i.e. hda5 bis....),
but you seem to lacking disk space.

How about the following:

lilo in MBR
hda1 (0b/0c) C:Win95 (800M)
hda5 (0b/0c) D:Data (300M)
hda6 (0f) OS/2 HPFS (600M)
hda7 (83) Linux (1G)
hda8 (82) LinuxSwap (200M)

With the Windoze Apps on the JAZ :-)

lilo in MBR
hda1 (0b/0c) C:Win95 (2G)
hda5 (0b/0c) D:Data (270M)
hda6 (83) Linux (600M)
hda7 (82) LinuxSwap (172M)


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