[ltp] Still can't get external monitor to work

Alex Bell linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 20:52:50 +0000

Caldera OpenLinux generates its own XF86Config file during
installation.  The file seems to follow the same outline as other
XF86Config files, but is much shorter.

I could get the KDE desktop to show on my ThinkPad 385XD when it is
standing alone, but when it is attached to the enhanced port replicator
external monitor the monitor screen becomes blank as soon as it is time
to show the KDE desktop. The desktop does show on the LCD screen.

After I edited the XF86Config file generated  by OpenLinux to add to
the device section the following lines

Option  "extern_disp"
Option  "intern_disp"

and rebooted the screens on both the LCD and external monitor became
blank as soon as  KDE was due to load.

What am I doing wrong?  Is there any fix? Would the same problem still
occur on Gnome?

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