[ltp] RH6.1 on TP600E and 10GB - Only 7.5 GB seen

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Tue, 30 Nov 1999 15:16:54 +0100


I'm new on this list, and expect not to be the third today with that

I tried to install RedHat 6.1 on a TP600E. Everithing runs fine...  except
that I cannot get my full room.
I explain myself. TP comes with Win98 and I want to keep it running (for
Lotus Notes Client mainly... and software tests)

I want to keep a partition for data exchange as big as 2 GB. So the
expected config of HD is

2 GB Win98 (FAT32)

7.5 GB Extended, including
2 GB data (FAT32)
16 MB /boot
256 MB swap partition
256 MB /var
5 GB /    main Linux partition

At installation time, DDruid sees only a 7.5 GB partition and my two 2GB
partitions, so telling me that there is only room for 3.5 GB instead of
about 5.5
I installed by letting my main partition extend to full the disk, but it
doesn't extend more than 3.5 GB
I tried without the data partition, but after that, the extended partition
has been resized to 5.5 and there is no place left.
I used PQMagic to resize the extended partition, but I cannot place my data
partition bigger than 500MB (1024 cylinders) nor transform it to FAT32 as
too little.

I feel this really frustrating, and more, as there is no problem for Win98
to see my full disk and format a partition of 7.5 GB on that disk...

Are there limitations due to DiskDruid? Am I wrong in my procedures? What
can I do to solve this?

For now, I run with my Win98 config, and the expected config, except that
my main partition is about 3 Gb instead of 5 and there is free space of
about 2GB at the end of my disk...  unused space...
Is there a tool to extend my main linux partition?

Jacques-Andre Petit

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