[ltp] Experience from updating RH 6.2 to RH 7.0 on TP 770X

Burt Silverman/Raleigh/IBM linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 12:22:26 -0500

Friedemann Baitinger      fb@baiti.net       http://baiti.net/fb/ writes
>I have another question related to the newly updated Token Ring
>driver: Tradtionally it was never possible to just pull the Token Ring
>completely hung waiting for an 'ifconfig tr0 down' command. On the other
>hand, manually calling 'ifconfig tr0 down' mostly worked and after
>successful execution of that command it as always possible to just pull
>the card.

>With this new driver, is hot-pulling of the card now supported? Doing so
>with Ethernet cards just works fine.

Hot plug/unplug had better work. I spent too much time with it for it not
to! Try it out. Also, I hope you noticed a post I made yesterday regarding
config.opts, and the best way to set that up.

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