[ltp] miniPCI Ethernet plus modem

Wayne Scott linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 10:22:35 -0800

From: Bruce White <bmw@azn.ne.jp>
> I am a reader of the thinkpad for linux mailing list. I was very intersted in
> your post. I have athinkpad a20p with an internet pcmcia card. I recently broke
> the dongle and have realized that it is just too fragile. I am very interested
> in the minipci card you talked about. Have you found out whether it works with
> linux or not?

I have a A20p and the IBM Mini PCI adapter. (08K3124)

It is an Intel EEpro100 ethernet and work great with the driver in the
kernel.  (It is not a PCMCIA card)
I was disappointed the modem was a Lucent Winmodem, but the Linux driver
does work fine.

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