[ltp] Re: Linux on the T20

George Staikos linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 21:23:46 -0500

On Monday 27 November 2000 16:20, Keith Frechette wrote:

> I haven't checked on the Easy Launch stuff recently. My brain is still a
> little hazey from Thankgiving, and I'm currently playing catch-up with
> e-mail and other work things. How about pinging me next week and I'll
> start another cycle of trying to get the necessary programming
> information?

  Sounds good to me.

> Regarding the Lucent driver, it's still entirely a kernel driver. Given
> that it needs real-time-like support, it makes sense that it's in the
> kernel.

  Realtime can be done in userspace.  Furthermore, if they would use a 
two-part model, the framework could be made very portable across kernel 
versions, if not included in the standard kernel itself.  I am stuck without 
the driver right now because I am using 2.2.17.  This is 100% the fault of 
the driver developer, who has not followed kernel development guidelines.  In 
the _worst_ case, there is the option which is done by Olicom.  Create an 
opensource driver and then bundle with it closed source .o files containing 
the patented/trade secret code.  There is no reason to be making this driver 
closed source.

   Infact, there is the 100% opensource driver being developed in Europe.  It 
already can talk to the winmodem.  Why keep this stuff closed source?  It 
just doesn't make sense...  It gives everyone problems and does no good.


George Staikos 

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