[ltp] Multi-platform Wireless LANs (esp for Linux/Macs)

Larry Mills-Gahl linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 16:37:37 +0800

At 12:30 PM -0700 10/9/00, Harry Mangalam wrote:
>Hi All,
>I started this out as a quest for advice, but by visiting all the sites
>that occurred to me during the composition of this note, I think I've
>answered my own question which was:
>Does anyone have any words of wisdom about wireless LAN products that will
>support both Linux and Macs (running MacOS <10)?

I've got an AirPort base station supporting Mac with OS9 (and 10) and 
PC's using the Orinoco WaveLan (formerly Lucent)

>What are the reasons that an Apple Airport card couldn't work with a
>ThinkPad 770 - are their PC cards incompatible?  Is the API different?
>Apple's Airport technology would be great if it worked with ThinkPads.
>Anyone try that?

The Apple AirPort card does not have a built in antennae and relies 
on the hardware built into all the current macs (first with the iBook 
and now with all the machines) If a pc came with antennae, it would 
probably work because the AirPort card is a pcmcia type card.
I use a 770x with the Orinoco card and the Macs with either the 
airport (internal) or the Orinoco or Farallon SkyLine card. I haven't 
performed speed tests, but it sure feels equivalent to the Ethernet. 
(Now that all the machines have 10/100, that is kind of a tradeoff) 
The range has been acceptable through walls and different floors of 
the house (I tested this out at home first and decided to keep it 
there and get another for the office)
The only problem I had fiddling with the 770 was with IRQ and memory 
settings just like the good old days. ;-)

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