[ltp] External modem on Thinkpad a20m

Karl W Knight linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 15:17:39 -0500


I just subscribed to the list, so please excuse me if this is an
over-discussed question, or I'm not following protocol.

I have a Thinkpad model a20m running Redhat 7.0 (I just upgraded).  I
finally gave up on trying to use the winmodem under Linux (the
linmodems.org site talks about a driver requiring a different kernel
version than I'm using), and bought a US Robotics 56K external Fax
(serial) modem instead.  I had Redhat 6.2 on my system, but could not
get minicom to see the modem, trying all of the suggested devs
(ttyS0-4, I believe; I'm on the Window 98 side of my laptop now, so
can't see for sure), but none of them worked.

I was hoping that Redhat 7.0 would help, but I still am unable to get
it to find the modem.  I tried kppp and rp3-config, both of which do
autodetect, but to no avail.  The people I spoke with at IBM and
Redhat weren't able to tell me how to do this.  US Robotics assured me
it _isn't_ a winmodem, so I'm thinking it's a serial thing.

Anybody have any suggestions?  I'd be most appreciative.  Off-line is

Karl Knight

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