[ltp] External modem on Thinkpad a20m

Rob Mayoff linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
17 Oct 2000 15:30:32 -0500

| I was hoping that Redhat 7.0 would help, but I still am unable to get
| it to find the modem.  I tried kppp and rp3-config, both of which do
| autodetect, but to no avail.  The people I spoke with at IBM and
| Redhat weren't able to tell me how to do this.  US Robotics assured me
| it _isn't_ a winmodem, so I'm thinking it's a serial thing.

Try booting DOS or Windows and using PS2.EXE to make sure that the
serial port is enabled, and to figure out which ports and IRQ it's on.
I'm assuming PS2.EXE works on an A20m.

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