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Thu, 19 Oct 2000 07:15:28 +0200 (CEST)

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just to let everybody on the list know: I have opened up an incident at
VMware support and they have started working together with me to
troubleshoot the problem. Markus, if you would like to jump in and help
with some repros that would probably speed up things. Pls contact me
directly then we can talk details.

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Friedemann Baitinger wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Friedemann Baitinger wrote:
> > since VMware was mentioned lately quite a few times I think it's
> > probably worthwhile to mention the experiences I made with it in
> > conjunction with linux-2.2.16:
> >
> > After I had upraded 3 of my Linux servers with 2.2.16 shortly after that
> > kernel came out I finally decided to upgrade the ThinkPad (RH
> > 6.2) too. It worked all fine until I started VMware running NT 4.0 as a
> > guest. As soon as the NT tried to connect through host-only networking
> > to some other host the machine died so badly that NT's disk was totaly
> > corrupted. The hang was consistently reproducable but only when
> > connected to a TokenRing network. In my Ehthernet LAN it worked fine. In
> > the course of investigating I have also upgraded to the latest version
> > of the VMware distribution, Version 2.0.1 but it wasn't any better with
> > this version. Since the NT's disk file consistently crashed so badly
> > that I had to restore a backup (fortunately I had one) I finally went
> > back to 2.2.14 on the ThinkPad and everything works just fine as it did
> > before.
> >
> > Is anybody successfully using a ThinkPad 770X with Linux-2.2.16 and
> > VMware 2.0.1 with NT 4.0 as a guest OS and doing host-only networking
> > through a Token Ring network? If you plan to do so, and in fact whenever
> > you make significant changes to the setup, I'd like to strongly suggest
> > to make a backup of VMware's guest OS disk file.
> Just to give you an update on how things are going here: Over the
> weekend I have upgraded to linux-2.2.17, pcmcia-cs-3.1.21, and VMware
> 2.0.2 Build 621. At first the problem seemed to be gone. I was able to
> do host only networking through Token Ring, however, after about half an
> hour the system hung completely such that I needed Power-Off/On to
> recover. The only good thing is that this time the hang did not crash
> the VMware NT image. I'm now back at linux-2.2.14 which still works just
> as expected.
> Does anybody have any ideas where to look for the problem? Is it the
> linux kernel? Is it the pcmcia package? Is it VMware?
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