[ltp] trackpoint driver tp4utils_1_0_beta is out

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Tue, 03 Apr 2001 22:33:40 -0700 (PDT)

Hi folks.

A new version for the trackpoint driver "tp4utils"
has been released.


The main features of the new version are:

 - renamed options to better match the real meaning
   of configurable parameters/settings as defined by
   Updated manpage and xtp4 parameter description strings
   to reflect these changes.=20

 - tp4d now is able to read the active settings on startup.
   Only changes explicitely requested by command line options
   are performed (at startup).

NOTE: Because the command line options have changed, existing
   scripts must=1Bbe upgraded! This is easy, however, thanks to
   the new feature 2):

   - start tp4d using script
   - uninstall old version (kills old tp4d)
   - install new version (_before_ suspending or rebooting)
   - start new tp4d (it will read active configuration from hw)
   - kill tp4d or use xtp4 to read settings and copy them
     into an existing script...

--- Till

   "The only real number is one, the rest are mere repetition."
                                             Vladimir Nabokov.

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