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Bjorn Knutsson linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 00:50:03 +0200

On 21 Apr 2001 18:47, Rob Mayoff wrote:
> > No, I think "Don't install Redhat 7.1" is the correct message. It's
> > been said on this list that Redhat is aware of the problem. For them
> > to make lm_sensors a required component of Redhat 7.1 in the face of
> > this just goes to show that they do not care about their customers.
> That is bullshit.  You can install Redhat 7.1 and your Thinkpad will not
> suddenly stop working.

While technically true, all it takes is that you issue a seemingly
innocent command. As one who had to send his laptop off for service
after an encounter with lm_sensors, you can take my word that trusting
blind luck is not an acceptable solution.

It is quite natural for a new user to poke around with the available
packages, trying out commands. Careless users may do this logged in as
root, and get bitten when they accidently nuke their hard disk.

In this case, however, even a user who checks the manual before
issuing a command (to a non-privileged shell) will get bitten in a way
that not even a re-install will fix. Not acceptable.

> > Actually, for IBM to have effectively ignored(*) this problem for
> > almost a year says a lot to me about their commitment to Linux.
> It speaks only of their commitment to Linux on Thinkpads.

...which is a platform officially supported by IBM, or so I'm told.

Don't take me wrong here, I love that IBM are trying to support the
Thinkpad, and I find it a very nice platform for Linux.

But to have my one month old laptop die on me was not a happy thing.
To now, a year later, hear that IBM still have not released the
information needed to work around this problem, or provided any other
fix short of sending it in for service, is not what I would have


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