[ltp] mwavem 20010714 released

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Thu, 19 Jul 2001 13:31:04 -0500 (CDT)

> What about support for TP760ED and other older version of thinkpad?
> I've mailed my error messages to you private mail address
> but got no response.
I looked..  And yep, you sure did...  Your mail got lost in my haystack..

> if (((pSettings->usDspBaseIO & 0xF00F) != 0) ||
> (pSettings->usDspBaseIO &
> 0x0FF0) == 0) {
> which effectively rules this address (and any other address which I can
> set with PS2 on tp760ED) out.
> Why?
Well...  This appears to be eliminating unsupported addresses..

> If I comment this check out, mwavedd loads, but subsequently
> mwavem fails to start with DSP_INS_BUFFER error.
This isn't why it is failing...  This error will even occur with supported
Mwave chipsets...  The problem is in the MW_DSP_ABILITIES ioctl call..
(Further down in your trace) Turning on debugging in the driver would
be more telling...

> I suppose that it have someting to do with check above - some part of
Yep...  What pieces of the driver are problematic??  I don't know...  We
don't have the specs for the older Mwave chipsets...  So if you're looking
for enlightenment, I'm afraid I can't be of much help...



Paul B Schroeder

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